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Butter Stars - One Pound More Info...
A favorite cookie for more generations than we can count. These light cookies are iced with our home-made rolled icing and topped with sprinkles of the season.
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Ethnic Cookie Assortment - One Pound More Info...
During the holidays you'll enjoy the wonderful old world flavors of our ethnic cookie assortment which includes:
Bratzeli is a thin, wafer-style cookie with a light almond flavor. These cookies are handmade four at a time on a special iron imported from Switzerland.
Springerli cookies are crisp and have a pleasant licorice flavor. They are formed using an antique wooden press and then hand cut, twelve at a time.
Pfeffernuse literally means pepper-nut. These cookies have a delightful spicy flavor and are covered with powdered sugar.
Leckerli is a spice cookie that looks more like a bar. It is made with a special blend of spices brought directly from Switzerland and topped with white chocolate.
One pound of cookies hand-packed in a plain box.
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Anise Springerli More Info...
A traditional German cookie with a black licorice flavor from the ground anise seed. This light and delicate cookie is created from hand-pressed molds, then cut into tiny portraits. Available year'round.

One pound of cookies in a plain box.

Ship weight is 1.5 lbs
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Bratzeli - 6 Dozen More Info...
A traditional Swiss cookie, these thin, all butter cookies are made 4 at a time on an iron. Now available for shipping at the New Glarus Bakery, you can enjoy them from afar. These traditional cookies make a great addition to your holiday cookie plate or at any time of the year.

One order is 6 dozen bratzeli cookies
Available year-round, Expedited shipping required during hot humid Wisconsin weather.

Ship weight, 2.0 lbs

To purchase a Bratzeli Iron, visit Robert's European Imports at
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Basle Leckerli More Info...
A spice cookie in a bar form. Made with a special blend of Swiss spices, kirsch liqueur, and almonds. Topped with a thin layer of creamy white chocolate.

This 1 pound cookie selection is carefully hand-packed into a plain box

Only Available Nov - Dec Annually
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