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Ethnic Cookie Assortment - One Pound More Info...
During the holidays you'll enjoy the wonderful old world flavors of our ethnic cookie assortment which includes:
Bratzeli is a thin, wafer-style cookie with a light almond flavor. These cookies are handmade four at a time on a special iron imported from Switzerland.
Springerli cookies are crisp and have a pleasant licorice flavor. They are formed using an antique wooden press and then hand cut, twelve at a time.
Pfeffernuse literally means pepper-nut. These cookies have a delightful spicy flavor and are covered with powdered sugar.
Leckerli is a spice cookie that looks more like a bar. It is made with a special blend of spices brought directly from Switzerland and topped with white chocolate.
One pound of cookies hand-packed in a plain box.
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Anise Springerli More Info...
A traditional German cookie with a black licorice flavor from the ground anise seed. This light and delicate cookie is created from hand-pressed molds, then cut into tiny portraits. Available year'round.

One pound of cookies in a plain box.

Ship weight is 1.5 lbs
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Bratzeli - 6 Dozen More Info...
A traditional Swiss cookie, these thin, all butter cookies are made 4 at a time on an iron. Now available for shipping at the New Glarus Bakery, you can enjoy them from afar. These traditional cookies make a great addition to your holiday cookie plate or at any time of the year.

One order is 6 dozen bratzeli cookies
Available year-round, Expedited shipping required during hot humid Wisconsin weather.

Ship weight, 2.0 lbs

To purchase a Bratzeli Iron, visit Robert's European Imports at
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Basle Leckerli More Info...
A spice cookie in a bar form. Made with a special blend of Swiss spices, kirsch liqueur, and almonds. Topped with a thin layer of creamy white chocolate.

This 1 pound cookie selection is carefully hand-packed into a plain box

Only Available Nov - Dec Annually
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Lebkuchen - Half Dozen More Info...
These traditional Swiss cookies are made with a special blend of spices from Switzerland.

These Swiss cookies have a flavor similar to gingerbread. Each cookie is cut-out by hand and iced with white chocolate. At Christmas time we add Hansel, Gretel, and Santa images. It is traditional to hang them with a ribbon from your holiday tree or mantle.

Paper images are no longer directly on the cookie, they are on the outside packaging for each cookie as the old-world paper images are no longer being made. We have had the Hansel, Gretal and Santa images made into labels.

Available Nov 1st thru Dec 31st Annually
Half dozen per order
Ship Weight, 1.0 lbs
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